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THE START OF THE DILEMMA We did not want the record to be released in its current format. Needless to say, this view did not go  down well with either the management or the record company executives.   We had meetings and discussions with them but it became patently obvious to us that our opinions were  counting for nothing. Various meetings were arranged between our manager and us but he failed to  appear on numerous occasions, leaving us feeling totally isolated.   We were in a situation, which seemed quite hopeless to us. We were contracted to a record company  which we felt, no longer had any interest in us and wanted us to sell out our ideals. We were also  involved contractually with a management company that we felt provided us with no support or direction.   We had also signed a contract for the publishing rights to our music which was not going to be  published unless we drastically altered our style. Effectively, these contracts, which had been signed by  us, were simply three different arrangements with the same company.   The situation appeared hopeless and we thought that things could not get any worse. WRONG!!!     After a while when nothing appeared to be happening between us, our record company and our  manager, Pete informed us that he had decided to leave the band. This was a complete bolt out of the  blue to the rest of us and we thought that he had simply become despondent as a result of the situation  we had found ourselves in with the record company.   However, Pete also informed us that he was teaming up with Dave Black the lead guitarist from another  Cube band, Kestrel and together, they would be joining David Bowie's band, the Spiders from Mars.   The crunch came when we discovered that not only Pete but also the other guy, were currently  managed by our manager. Furthermore they were both going to continue to be managed by him and we  were informed that it was he who had set the whole thing up. So there it was. We really felt shafted.   Robin, Steve and I discussed our options and the future for Bullfrog appeared quite bleak. We could try  and get a replacement vocalist for Pete and continue on regardless. Even if we were able to find a  satisfactory replacement we would have the same situation as before where we were at odds with our  management, record company and music publishing company.  
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