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LISTEN TO THE BAND It has always been my belief that when you go to listen to a band, you go to listen to a band. You don't  dance and that has never been a problem for me because I can't dance anyway!   When the gig started, probably because of what Pete had said to me earlier, I found that I was inwardly  willing the band to be rubbish. For his band to impress me after that would not be easy so I was just  waiting for them to fail.   After about 20 minutes of their performance, I realised that I  had not spoken a word at all. To say that they impressed  me would be a massive understatement.   The first thing that hit me was the clarity of Pete's voice,  together with the fact that it was actually possible to hear  him when he sang.   At that time most bands seemed eager to play their  instruments with as much volume as possible, regardless of  whether or not the vocalist was singing.   Usually, if you could hear the vocalist you could never  understand any of the lyrics that were being sung. There  was also no doubting the fact that the members of the band  could play their instruments well.   Midway through the gig they performed a version of Voodoo  Chile, by Jimi Hendrix, which was Robin's opportunity to  shine (photo) and he was superb! 
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