They really wined and dined us. They took us to several places that I can recall the names of and others, which I can’t. I recall that we went with them to Dingwall’s in Camden and saw a great band named BACK DOOR and Cube also took us to a place called the Hofbrauhouse, where another of their acts, BATTI MAMZELLE were performing.

This band was really different and their act relied heavily upon steel drums.

Cube also took us to the HARD ROCK CAFE in Park Lane. This was an enlightening experience as never before had I queued to get into a “Café”.

Once we got inside, I soon discovered why people had been queuing to get in: there was nothing like this in Newcastle at that time!

Anyway, Cube impressed us and we felt happy with them.

For some reason, nothing concrete was finalised at that time but I believe that they were satisfied that they had won us over although we hadn’t actually said, “Yes”.


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