We got to the presentation on time and gratefully accepted our cheque and certificate that was awarded to us. (photo) We then took the tube back to Heathrow and flew back to Newcastle for our gig at Wheatley Hill Social Club, in Durham. We were feeling rather pleased with ourselves that we had literally joined the jet set and when we reached our gig, we wasted no time in telling anyone who would listen to us that “We’ve just flown up from London”.

Everyone appeared impressed except the Concert Chairman who simply looked at us and said, “F*** off and don’t take the piss”.

We had known for a long time that the EMI presentation was arranged to take place on Thursday 8th March 1973. At first we were undecided about what we would do with the £250 prize money when we received it. However, a few days prior to the EMI presentation, fate made the decision easier for us.


Before EMI had contacted us, we had already decided that we needed some exposure in London so we had arranged to play at a pub in Wood Green and we had invited lots of record companies and agents to attend.

This was arranged for Friday 2nd March 1973 and the venue was “The Nightingale” public house. Several agents had intimated to us that they would be attending this gig so we were not overly upset about the prospect of travelling from Newcastle to London by road, then playing the gig and returning home, all for no fee.


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