Having endured the problems getting to London we thought that the situation could get no worse. However, despite having been led to believe that several “record company executives” would be attending the gig, not one of them showed up. A huge disappointment.

The gig was obviously not the success we had hoped for and we hired a van and returned to Newcastle, totally despondent. The only positive outcome was that at least we now knew what we would be spending the “EMI money” on: a replacement engine for the van.

A week later we had to travel back to London for the studio audition with EMI. This time, there was no aeroplane flight booked for us and we had to revert to travelling there by road and we knew that it was an opportunity for us to show our worth. Despite this, we were all disappointed to discover that the audition would take place not in the famed Abbey Road Studios, but instead in a studio in London’s Manchester Square.

We did the audition but EMI decided that we were not what they wanted.

A short while later, we signed for Cube Records and they genuinely seemed to be excited with us, their latest acquisition.

They had several well-known artists such as Joan Armatrading, Joe Cocker, Jimmy Helms, and John Kongos and they seemed eager to keep us happy to be on their label.





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