Cube decided that the best course of action was for them to create a management company to enable them to manage their own acts, the first of which would be us, Bullfrog. This company would be called, “Cube Artist’s Management”. Pretty original huh?

They employed a manger for us and we went to the company headquarters in London’s Poland Street in order to meet him. Unfortunately, he was about 3 hours late in arriving for our meeting and when he did show up, there were no apologies from him for his lateness just repeated complaints about how his car had been towed away for illegal parking.

The consequence of us being managed by Cube was that they (Cube) had total control over the band. We were signed to one of their subsidiaries, (Mighty Oak Music) for our music publishing rights and we were signed to “Cube Records” for the recording deal.

At the time, this did not appear to us as being a bad arrangement but in hindsight, it was not a situation that we should ever have gotten ourselves into.

For several years, I had been playing a Premier double bass drum kit. It looked alright but I had always wanted to obtain something with a better sound quality.

Through the grapevine, I managed to locate a Gretsch drum kit that was being sold by John Woods from Vinegar Joe and I arranged for it to be taken to the premises of Cube Records so that I could try it out before buying it.

It must be appreciated that it was never my intention that I would personally buy the drum kit, rather Cube Records were going to buy it on my behalf.

I just had to make them aware of that fact.


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