The arrangements were made and Steve and I travelled down to London from Newcastle. I set the kit up in the Studios in the basement of Cube’s offices and played around the kit whilst Steve and our manager listened.

Thankfully, we all agreed that they were an improvement on my current Premier kit and as such were worth obtaining. Cube bought the drum kit and I went away back to Newcastle, a happy bunny.

I had previously played in a band with Jim Hornsby of Diesel Therapy who was at this time, the manager of Barratt’s music shop in Newcastle. Even then, Jim was true gentleman and he was happy to sell my Premier drum kit for me. He did so and I gratefully received the money.

As a group, we still maintained our kitty so I figured that since the record company had bought me a “new” drum kit the most common sense thing for me to do was to put the money, which I had received from the sale of my old Premier kit, into the group kitty.


Even just thinking about that now causes me to wonder whether or not I was sane at the time I did that. Yet in the circumstances we were in, it seemed the most natural thing to do.

But in retrospect, big mistake!


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