Eventually, we went into Island Recording Studios and spent a few days there with our producer Rodger Bain (Black Sabbath etc), attempting to record our first single.

The session was quite enjoyable but was not very fruitful.

We were personally disappointed with the results and were not overly surprised when the record company said they also felt that the session had not achieved the objectives.

They felt that a different producer would probably be able to get more out of the songs than had been achieved at Island Studios and they set about obtaining another producer.

All the while, we were still rehearsing, writing and performing our songs and we continued to build up a strong following of fans. Eventually, Cube informed us that they had managed to get Hugh Murphy to be our producer and we would do the recordings in Cube’s new Studios in the basement of their premises in Poland Street.

We met with Hugh and together we worked on our songs in order that the time spent in the studios was kept to a minimum and used to maximum effect. After a while we went into the studios with Hugh and spent an enjoyable week recording some of our songs.


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