On Friday 21st June 1974, our single GLANCY (Catalogue number BUG  44) was released on CUBE Records.

Although we had always found that audiences liked to hear GLANCY whenever we played it live, we all felt that the B side of the single, IN THE  CITY, was much more representative of our music. Unfortunately, we had no control over what was chosen as “A” or “B” sides of records, or even over what was, and was not, released by the record company. We had no choice in the matter.

When the record was released we all hoped that it would take off and be the first of many hit records. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

The local BBC NEWCASTLE Television station were very interested in us and spent quite a lot of time with us, making a short film about us in various locations in Newcastle, with the sound of IN THE CITY playing in the background. I bet our Record Company loved that!

The BBC even hired a big flash American car and showed us being driven around the town with the roof down (sounds like the lyrics of a song) giving the impression that we had made it big.

The producer of that film was a guy named Dave Pritchard. He was a lovely bloke and he was very interested in our music. He actually came to a number of gigs and was trying to get the funding so that he could make a programme about us but sadly, it never worked out.


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