Anticipating the outcome of such a showcase, we worked even harder than before and felt very confident that we could impress anyone with our music.

The date of this gig was Sunday July 2nd 1972 and on the day, we found ourselves playing to a huge, highly appreciative audience.

Also performing, were THE PRETTY THINGS an established band that had been around in various forms for a good many years, and EAST OF EDEN. I personally enjoyed that gig and felt that we had performed well.

However, our hopes and ambitions were not realised on that day. Our manager, who had also travelled to London for the gig, had only been able to attract one agent to attend and throughout our performance, I could see that his attention was being taken by the presence of his attractive female companion. I doubt very much whether he even noticed that we were on stage.

To say that we were all totally disheartened by the outcome would be a gross mis-understatement. The 275 mile journey back to the North-East was long enough under normal circumstances but on that occasion it appeared to take us several days and not hours.

Despite this setback, we vowed to work towards winning ourselves a recording contract. We felt that the best way to do this was to get together some demo tapes and send them to different record companies, trying to get them interested in us.

This would obviously cost money and we had very little at that stage. Like most bands, we had always worked on the principle that whatever you earn for a gig is split between the personnel after travelling costs etc have been deducted.


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