There were only four of us actually performing in the band, but we also had our roadies to consider although to be fair, they never made much money from us. They obviously enjoyed what they did, and I suppose that we probably took an unfair advantage of them when it came to financial remuneration.

Nevertheless, they frequently got paid. When I first joined the band, we had two smashing guys, Wilf and Les, both from the Consett area who were as steady as rocks and immensely supportive of the band.

As a means of building up the money that would enable us to cover the costs of making demo tapes we decided that we would continue to pay the roadies for each gig, but we would always ensure that we put a large proportion of the remaining fee in a band ‘purse’.

This obviously meant that despite playing many gigs we made almost no money personally. However, it also meant that pretty quickly, we had built up quite a substantial sum of money.


When we knew that we had enough money to cover the costs of recording several tracks in a studio, we arranged to spend time in Multicord Studios in Frederick Street, Sunderland.


We had rehearsed for many weeks and we knew exactly what we wanted to do when we got into the Studio. (photo) We laid down enough tracks to put together an LP of our songs, although to be fair, this did include our own version of a rock and roll type song, which with an alarming lack of originality, we entitled “Rockin”.


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