We had several copies of these acetate LP’s made and lots of audio cassette copies were prepared from them. In due course, Steve spent an awful lot of his own time, writing letters and mailing copies of the tapes to all the record companies we had ever heard of.

I don’t have a clue where he got all the addresses from or how many it amounted to but at that time there were lots and lots of record companies in existence so it must have taken him days, if not weeks to do this.

At about the same time, I happened to buy a blank cassette with the intention of using it to record some tracks for myself from an LP that I had. The tape I had bought was an EMI tape and inside the case was a flyer, advertising a competition that EMI were running.

This was called “The EMI Search for a Star” competition and was a nationwide affair, which was open to all musicians and solo artists irrespective of the type of music they were associated with.

The idea was that you were required to submit a Cassette tape of your music and if EMI liked it, they would award prizes to the three best acts. Obviously it was a clever way of generating sales of EMI tape cassettes because any music submitted had to be done so using EMI tape.

Anyway, we thought that it was worth having a go at, so we copied some of our songs onto a tape and posted it.


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