As I mentioned at the beginning of my story, I was employed as a van driver. What I haven’t mentioned is that for most of the duration of Bullfrog’s existence, I was the only member of the band who could drive.

Until we actually became fully professional, we each also had some other form of employment. This was necessary because although we were performing fairly regularly, we wanted to continue building up our band “purse” or “kitty”, and we effectively each received nothing from the many gigs we did.

On the day of a gig, I would invariably complete a days work before taking my car and collecting the various members of the band from their home addresses. In this way we would then travel to the gigs together and meet up with our roadies who had made their own way with our gear in the van.

It didn’t always happen this way and sometimes there would be occasions when either Robin or Steve (or perhaps even both of them) would travel in the van to the gig and I would travel in my car with Pete.

It all depended on the geographical location of the gig and in most instances, this arrangement worked quite well. On one particular occasion I went to pick Steve up first from his home in Dipton and I rang the door bell as usual and waited for him to come to the door.

When he did come the door, instead of coming straight out as he always did in the past, he actually invited me indoors.

I had been to Steve’s house on many occasions but I had never made it past the front door so I knew that something significant was taking place.

He told me to sit down and handed me what I thought was a letter but when I looked closely, I saw that it was in fact, a telegram. I opened it and read the contents then almost fell off the chair.


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