They must have been suitably impressed by my performance that evening and we agreed that I would have an audition with them at their rehearsal rooms in Leadgate, near Consett, County Durham. (photo)

They gave me an audio-cassette of their songs, which the band had previously recorded whilst rehearsing with their original drummer and the idea was that I would learn the songs prior to my audition.

This audio cassette was a 90-minute tape and was full of original songs, written by them. Admittedly one or two of the songs was about 15 minutes long but the fact remains that I had some serious learning to do if I was to win them over at my audition.

As it happens, I must have been a quick learner because the audition went well and I was accepted into the band. I was now the drummer in Bullfrog! (photo)

Now we began some serious rehearsals, which is something we did many, many times over the years we played together.


For many years I have always been under the impression that my first gig with Bullfrog took place in Consett, County Durham.

However, in August 2001 I discovered my scrapbook and it clearly shows that I am mistaken in that belief. According to my little book, the first Bullfrog gig I played in took place at Ponteland Teacher Training College on Friday 11th February 1972.

We were paid the princely sum of £15 between us.

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